Linux使用hickory 定时执行python程序

By | 2021-05-19


pip install hickory

Create a file called

import datetime
import time

stamp ="%H:%M:%S")

print(f"Foo - {stamp} + 5 seconds")

Schedule to execute every ten minutes:

hickory schedule --every=10minutes

Check the status of all queued schedules:

hickory status

Stop and delete the schedule for

hickory kill

—every Examples

every ten minutes —every=10minutes
Every day at 10:10 AM —every=monday@10:10am
Every Monday at 10:10 AM —every=10th@10:10am
Every 10th day of the month at 10:10 AM —every=eom@10:10am
Every last day of the month at 10:10 AM —every=10,eom@10,10pm
—every Table
10 seconds 10, 10s, 10sec, 10secs, 10seconds
10 minutes 10m, 10min, 10mins, 10minutes
10 hours 10h, 10hr, 10hrs, 10hours
10:00 AM @10, @10am
10:00 PM @22, @10pm
10:10 AM @10:10, @10:10am
10:10 PM @22:10, @10:10pm
Monday m@, mon@, monday@
Tuesday t@, tue@, tues@, tuesday@
Wednesday w@, wed@, weds@, wednesday@
Thursday th@, thu@, thur@, thurs@, thursday@
Friday f@, fri@, friday@
Saturday s@, sat@, saturday@
Sunday su@, sun@, sunday@
Calendar Day
1st 1@, 1st@
2nd 2@, 2nd@
3rd 3@, 3rd@
4th 4@, 4th@
15th 15@, 15th@
31st 31@, 31st@
Other Day
Every Day day@
Every Weekday weekday@
End of Month eom@